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Strategic Plan 2007-2012


Holy Names University, an academic community committed to the full development of each student, offers a liberal education rooted in the Catholic tradition, empowering a diverse student body for leadership and service in a diverse world.


Holy Names University, a center of rigorous teaching and scholarship in the Catholic intellectual tradition is:

  • rooted in the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and committed to social justice.
  • a student-focused community developing critical thinkers and transformation leaders .
  • a model of diversity promoting cultural competency .
  • a resource for study and impact on urban issues, particularly in Oakland.

Goals of the Strategic Plan

Goal I - Offer compelling academic programs, infused with our distinctive vision, that are highly respected, market-sensitive, and experiential to attract and retain promising students.

  • Strategy 1: The program review committee will comprehensively review all programs to ensure mission central, market attractive, and fiscally healthy programs.
  • Strategy 2: An external scanning committee of faculty, staff, and community members will identify current market trends.
  • Strategy 3: Each discipline will identify flagship programs, propose new programs, and/or develop innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Strategy 4: Create a four-year HNU experience based on the current First Year Experience program, tailoring experiential learning and academic opportunities to each class year, and cultivating student involvement both on and off campus.

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Goal II - Enroll substantially more semester undergraduate and graduate students, thereby enriching each student's full educational experience.

  • Strategy 1: Manage enrollment strategically, addressing all phases of the process including recruitment, retention, graduation, etc.
  • Strategy 2: Promote the HNU experience through bold and aggressive branding, marketing, and public relations campaigns.
  • Strategy 3: Maintain and develop excellent, environmentally sound facilities that enhance the attractiveness and safety of the campus and support growing enrollments.

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Goal III - Prepare students to be effective citizens and life-long learners in a rapidly changing and technologically advancing world.

  • Strategy 1: Invest in technology-related infrastructures, training, and development that support collaborative and interactive learning and communication.
  • Strategy 2: Implement a comprehensive and systematic information literacy program incorporating voice, data, and media technology throughout the curriculum.
  • Strategy 3: Offer academic and campus life programs for civic engagement, structured service-learning, international study, and internship opportunities.
  • Strategy 4: Promote leadership development that fosters adaptability, accountability, compassion, and cultural competency.

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Goal IV - Deliver excellent customer service.

  • Strategy 1: Implement a quality service improvement program and process that align the total HNU experience with the promise.
  • Strategy 2: Ensure that the infrastructure is in place to support a system that allows every faculty, professional staff, and administrative support staff member to become fully educated and empowered to deliver quality service that improves the overall student experience.
  • Strategy 3: Evaluate and improve students' experiences with all university services by becoming a data-informed institution that invests in institutional research.

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Goal V - Recruit and develop trustees, staff, and faculty, particularly full-time faculty, who reflect our diverse community and perpetuate the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names.

  • Strategy 1: Increase the number of full time faculty to support growth and development of academic programs.
  • Strategy 2: Develop and coordinate formal recruitment, hiring, orientation, and evaluation processes.
  • Strategy 3: Institute faculty, staff and board development plan.
  • Strategy 4: Charge the Human Resources Department to coordinate with internal and external sources to evaluate and increase diversity.
  • Strategy 5: Use new net revenue from increased enrollments to achieve compensation parity with peer institutions.

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Goal VI - Increase fundraising directed especially toward investments in faculty, technology, and facilities, as well as endowment.

  • Strategy 1: Increase Annual Fund contributions by 30% reaching $1million by 2012.
  • Strategy 2: Secure $4 million in new planned gift commitments by 2012.
  • Strategy 3: Develop fundraising priorities to support the strategic plan.
  • Strategy 4: Launch the public phase of a multi-million dollar comprehensive campaign by 2010/11, depending on the results of the feasibility study.

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SNJM Core Values

Educational Institutions sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names commit themselves to the fulfillment of the human potential through these Core Values:

  • Full Development of the Human Person
  • Education in the Faith
  • Hospitality
  • Dedication to Women and Children
  • Dedication to Justice
  • Service to People who are Poor or Marginalized
  • Commitment to Liberating Action
  • Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary

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