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Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018


Holy Names University, rooted in Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions, empowers a diverse student body for leadership and service. Guided by the core values of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, HNU is a progressive, inclusive, and rigorous academic community offering a liberal arts and professional education. We prepare students to think critically and imaginatively, to understand and employ the various modes of knowledge, to communicate clearly and persuasively, and to promote the common good.


  • We will promote collaborative teaching and research, experiential learning, and intellectual and spiritual growth.
  • We will challenge ourselves to create an educational experience that reflects and honors our multicultural reality.
  • We will be responsive to the opportunities and challenges of our times through our ongoing commitment to the liberating action, courage, and integrity expressed in the SNJM charism.
  • We will create an inclusive campus community that recognizes and considers the voices and contributions of students, faculty, and staff in University decision-making.

Goals of the Strategic Plan


Goal I - Deepen our cultivation of rigorous scholarship.
  1. Create an environment for students to engage critically in academic inquiry.
  2. Increase student understanding and use of learning resources.
  3. Foster a robust culture of faculty and staff development.
  4. Closely integrate faculty teaching and scholarship with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and learning.
  5. Develop a campus community of well-rounded, life-long learners.
  6. Deliberate evaluation of current curriculum.
Goal II - Explore, appreciate, and critically engage the meaning and dimensions of diversity within our multicultural community.
  1. Cultivate an environment where faculty, staff, administration, and trustees reflect the diverse experiences of our campus and demonstrate a commitment to multicultural competence.
  2. Value and integrate multicultural perspectives in the creation and development of curriculum and academic programs at HNU.
  3. Engage with and serve the diverse needs of our students.
  4. Leverage resources in a data-driven process to ensure that the diverse needs of our campus population are met.
  5. Create and sustain a physical environment that recognizes, supports, and promotes an inclusive community.
Goal III - Invest in transformative educational practices and technologies that honor the collaborative nature of learning and prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
  1. Embed Community-based Learning (CBL) opportunities for our students into the curriculum.
  2. Increase Study Abroad learning.
  3. Promote the value and use of internships.
  4. Develop a culture of technological competence among faculty, students, and staff.
  5. Utilize innovative technologies to enhance the learning experience.
Goal IV - Engage Holy Names University with the global community through education, service, and partnerships, especially with civic engagement in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area.
  1. Expand and further develop partnerships and alliances with groups outside of HNU.
  2. Enhance our campus-wide commitment to services.
  3. Establish an expectation of civic engagement for students both in and outside of the classroom.
  4. Foster a student population that bridges the HNU and global community.
Goal V - Strengthen and sustain the University’s identity, the Sisters of the Holy Names heritage, and our stewardship of resources to enable innovation for excellence in all areas and programs.
  1. Identify those elements that differentiate us from other institutions and measure their depth and impact in order to articulate and promote the uniqueness of Holy Names University.
  2. Strengthen and extend programs that promote and develop an understanding of the SNJM heritage.
  3. Create a university-wide sustainability plan with the goal of a 20% reduction in our carbon footprint.



SNJM Core Values

Educational Institutions sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names commit themselves to the fulfillment of the human potential through these Core Values:

  • Full Development of the Human Person
  • Education in the Faith
  • Hospitality
  • Dedication to Women and Children
  • Dedication to Justice
  • Service to People who are Poor or Marginalized
  • Commitment to Liberating Action
  • Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary

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