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Upward Bound

The Upward Bound Program is a Trio Program that is supported by the US Department of Education. The Program focuses on increasing college access to the underrepresented population in secondary education. The Upward Bound project provides after school tutoring, Saturday College classes to prepare for college entrance exams, a summer residential program, and basic skills courses.

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Preparatory Music Department

The Holy Names University Preparatory Music Department was founded over thirty years ago by Sister Terese-Cecile Murphy, one of the first proponents of the Suzuki Method for violin in the West. Since then it has grown to approximately 400 children and adults from the community studying piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, recorder, classical guitar, electric guitar, harp, and voice. Although the department offers both traditional and the Suzuki approaches to instrumental study, the school continues to be one of the main centers for Suzuki Method study in the Bay Area. In addition to private lessons, there are various programs of classes, ensembles and performances.

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Kodály Summer Institute

The Kodály Summer Certificate is a non-degree program that may be completed in three summers. Applicants must possess a Bachelor's degree in music or in a related field. Further information about this certificate may be obtained from the Kodály Center Director at the University.

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Suzuki Piano Summer Institute

The Certificate in Piano Pedagogy is a non-degree program that is designed for an active and independent piano teacher. The program stresses the philosophical and practical approaches of the world-renowned Suzuki Method of Music Education. Offering a well-rounded program, the curriculum combines the requirements of the Suzuki Association of the Americas with enrichment and pedagogical courses.

The program is divided into three areas, each of which is an integral part of the Summer Session.

  1. Instruction and observation in the Suzuki Piano Books as approved by the Suzuki Association of the Americas; Practicum.
  2. Piano Pedagogy and enrichment courses
  3. Master classes and recitals

For more information, contact

Steve Hofer
Phone: 510-436-1330
Email: hofer@hnu.edu

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