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Music Education
To be surrounded by musical excellence, challenged and encouraged on all sides, and inspired by brilliant professors— this is the experience here.  It is a place where heart and soul are given most importance and true music is valued over methodology and technique.  I didn’t want it to end…. "
Sarah Pickens, KSC ’05
Sarah Pickens

Kodály Summer Certificate

HNU’s Kodály Summer Certificate is a 17-unit, three-summer post-baccalaureate program open to music educators, qualified classroom teachers, choral conductors, church musicians, and private teachers at all levels of instruction who are interested in gaining a comprehensive overview of the Kodály approach to music education and musicianship training. This certification is endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE).

Each level of certification requires one summer of study, with enrollment in the courses listed below. (A Level courses are taken the first summer, B level in summer two, and C level in summer three.) Successful completion of all three levels, along with certification requirements, results in Kodály Summer Certification. Students may apply for admission to the Summer Certificate Program after completing the first summer session at either Holy Names or another OAKE-endorsed Kodály Teacher Education program. A B.A. degree is required to receive graduate extension credit and Kodály Certification. However, all courses are also available for undergraduate credit.

Note: Courses taken during the first summer apply towards the MM in Music Education.

Certificate Requirements (17 units)
  • MUSCX210 A, B, C Pedagogy (2, 2, 2)
  • MUSCX211 A, B, C Musicianship (1, 1, 1)
  • MUSCX214 A, B, C Choral Conducting (1, 1, 1)
  • MUSCX215 A, B, C Folk Music (1, 1, 1)
  • MUSCX218 Choir (1, 1)
Competency Levels
  • Students must demonstrate knowledge of Kodály’s educational philosophy and be able to express this through lesson plans and teaching strategies as required in MUSCX210A, B and C.
  • Students must attain a musicianship level acceptable to the faculty as demonstrated in MUSCX211A, B and C. An exit exam will be given during the final week of the third summer as part of the evaluation process.
Teaching Tape
  • The submission of an audio or video tape of a lower primary class is required to enroll in the second summer.
  • A second tape, preferably of an upper primary, middle or high school class, is required to enroll in the third summer.
Folk Song Collection and Retrieval System
  • A completed folk song collection & retrieval system is required.

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