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"I am very happy with the high quality of instruction that I received from the HNU Vocal Pedagogy program. New avenues of understanding the voice (combining age-old principles and current trends in teaching) have opened to me, greatly expanding my knowledge base for teaching voice. It gave me a whole new perspective on my work with students."
Theresa Cardinale MM '09

Vocal Pedagogy Certificate

The 12-unit Vocal Pedagogy Certificate is a post-Baccalaureate certificate that can be completed in one academic year.  It is designed for new or experienced voice teachers to sharpen their knowledge and skills in teaching singers of all ages and experience levels. Students enroll in two semesters of physiology/pedagogy, practicum (with evaluation from your cohort and a master teacher) and voice lessons. There is also the option to add other music courses, including musicianship training from HNU’s world-famous Kodály program, ensembles, history and literature classes.  Coursework completed before the certificate is awarded can be applied to HNU’s Masters in Vocal Pedagogy degree.

The Vocal Pedagogy Certificate features:

  • a holistic approach to pedagogy
  • observation of master teachers
  • guided teaching during two semesters of practicum
  • private lessons
  • opportunities for performance (including weekly studio classes, performance labs, noon concerts and student recitals, ensembles and opera workshops)


  • MUSC 454 Vocal Pedagogy (3)
  • MUSC 455 Advanced Vocal Pedagogy (3)
  • MUSC 496 E, F Practicum (2,2)
  • MUSC 416 Private Lessons (1,1)

The program is led by Cheryl Keller and Eric Howe, nationally recognized voice teachers whose students perform in a variety of settings, from world-class opera stages to church and community choruses.

Over the years, Holy Names graduates have established an excellent reputation as well-known performers and teachers. With our low faculty to student ratio, students can frequently seek advice from faculty. Alumni return to play with faculty in recitals, teach in HNU’s Preparatory

Music Department, and showcase their students in concerts and festivals.

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Gainful Employment

Related Occupations*

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Job Placements**

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Program Costs***

Typical program costs (12 units) include:

  • $10,340, Tuition & Fees
  • $1,656, Books & Supplies
  • $11,996, Total

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* The positions listed here are ones identified by the University as positions for which a program completer would be educationally qualified. This list will be updated as necessary and appropriate.
**The Placement Rate is based on internal data available for students graduating between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 who have obtained employment within their field or a related field within 180 days of receiving the certificate. To determine the rate:

  • Numerator1: the number of students who, within 180 days of the day they received their degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential [in a given award year], obtained gainful employment in the recognized occupation for which they were trained or in a related comparable recognized occupation and, on the date of this calculation, are employed, or have been employed, for at least 13 weeks following receipt of the credential from the institution.
  • Denominator: the number of students who, during the award year, received the degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential awarded for successfully completing the program.

Certain graduates are excluded from cohort such as those who are continuing their education and those that have waived employment assistance due to extenuating circumstances such as a medical condition or a decision to work in an unrelated field.
*** Tuition and fees for this program are based on pricing for 2012 – 2013. Pricing is subject to change. Please contact an enrollment counselor or student financial assistance counselor for more information.

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