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What Is the Mathematics Placement Assessment and Why Must I Take It?


What is a placement assessment? Is it a math test?

ALEKS provides an assessment, not a “test”. This assessment is designed to provide you and your academic advisor with a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses in math. You will have a chance to work on these areas of weakness through self-remediation. You may even opt to retake the assessment if you meet the criteria described below. The most important thing is that you take the assessment seriously. Take your time and give it your best effort so that it truly reflects your knowledge and math preparedness.

What is the purpose of the assessment?

As discussed above, the primary goal of this assessment is to determine your level of knowledge and preparedness in mathematics. With this information in hand, you and your advisor will be able to make appropriate course selections. In addition, there are a number of courses at HNU for which enrollment is dependent on placement. In order to enroll in such courses, you must either place at the appropriate level or complete the necessary preparatory coursework here at HNU.

What courses require placement?

Placement is required for all mathematics workshops (MATH A, C and R) and is used for: MATH 1 (Precalculus), MATH 7 (Mathematical Reasoning), MATH 11 (Calculus I), MATH 60 (Probability and Statistics), CHEM 1A (General Chemistry), CHEM 7 (Introductory Chemistry), PHSC 15 (Fundamentals of Physical Science), PHYS 8A (General Physics), and PSYC 63/ECON 15 (Statistics).

Is there a fee for using ALEKS?

Use of ALEKS is included in your student fees.

I am a transfer student and I already took University-level math elsewhere. Do I need to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment?

Even if you are transferring coursework, you may have additional requirements within your major that require placement. Please consult with your academic advisor to avoid unnecessary delays in your progress at HNU.

What if I already placed into math at another school, can I use that placement at HNU?

No, you must complete an assessment at HNU.