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Jennifer Martin 67 received the Columbine Award for her first screenplay, The Hunatics Club, from the Moondance International Film Festival. The distinguished award is given to authors whose work promotes and reflects non-violent conflict resolution.
Jennifer Martin

Bachelor's Degree in English

English majors love words the words of others and their own. We communicate with words, do business with words, and record history in words. But for the student of literature and writing, words express what it means to be human across cultures, time, and place. In short, English is a cornerstone of the liberal arts curriculum.

The HNU English major, which is a 30-unit (24 upper-division) program, features a strong core of challenging and diverse literature courses (primarily in British and American literature), provides training in various forms of writing, and offers interesting and practical electives. While many English majors go on to earn teaching credentials, all students who successfully complete our program are able to enter the professional world (or graduate school) with highly developed analytical and communication skills.

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