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Debt Management and Services and Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling

Exit counseling sessions are required of all HNU students that borrowed from federal Direct Stafford Student Loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Exit counseling provides you information regarding the rights and responsibilities of a borrower and a lender/servicer. You learn about repayment, deferment, and cancellation of your loan. These sessions prepare you to be responsible and effective in repayment of your educational loans.

You are required to attend exit counseling when you:

  • are about to graduate.
  • leave the University (even if it is just temporary).
  • drop your registration below half-time enrollment.
  • transfer to another school.
  • leave for a National Student Exchange (NSE) experience.

Exit counseling can be completed online at www.NSLDS.ed.gov.

“Get on the Money” with SALT for Financial Literacy and Debt Management

Ever wished you had a money coach to help you make better decisions about spending, saving, and borrowing money? Whether you’re a current student trying to keep enough dollars in your pocket to enjoy the occasional recreation, or a recent alumnus wondering how you’ll repay all those student loans, chances are money is on your mind—a lot. Now, you have a free resource to help you “Get on the Money,” thanks to the new educational program SALT.

Holy Names University has joined a growing list of higher education institutions nationwide to join SALT, a dynamic, multichannel educational program that supports students and alumni as they finance higher education and successfully manage student loans, through the many financial decisions they face after they leave school. SALT will educate, empower and engage you to truly own your finances, by making it immediately rewarding, easy and fun to make smarter student loan and financial decisions.

By now, all Holy Names University students and recent alumni (2011, 2010 and 2009 graduates) should have received an email invitation to join SALT for free. Here are five ways SALT can help you:

  1. Demystify student loans. The choices you make now in borrowing for college can affect your financial wellness for years to come. At SALTMONEY.ORG, you can learn the difference between federal and private loans, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized interest. Making better borrowing decisions now can put more cash in your wallet later.
  2. Get money smart. Learn all about banks, budgeting, credit reports, and more with SALT’s online interactive education My Money 101TM courses. Holy Names University has customized the My Money 101 lessons specifically with its students and alumni in mind.
  3. Crunch your numbers. When you log on to SALTMONEY.ORG, you can access a personal dashboard where you can track all your federal and private student loans in one place. Find the right repayment fit by comparing the pros and cons of various payment options. Then plan for the future and figure out how far your money will take you based on your projected income and where you’ll live.
  4. Get loan advice from an expert counselor. As a SALT member, you have access to chat with a student loan expert one-on-one via email or phone.
  5. Find a job or internship. SALT offers members a searchable database of over 50,000 job and internship opportunities from more than 23,000 employers.

SALT was created by American Student Assistance®, a 56-year-old nonprofit that empowers college students and alumni to successfully manage and repay their student loan debt. With SALT, ASA® is revolutionizing the way that students and alumni learn about money and sparking a movement to incent financial savviness in young adults. ASA has had proven success in lowering student loan delinquency and default through its previous programs of proactive and targeted communication to student loan borrowers. Visit www.asa.org for more information.

Holy Names University students and alumni who did not receive the SALT email or misplaced their PIN are invited to contact SALT member support at 855.469.2724 to have their activation information re-sent. For more information, contact Holy Names University or SALT or follow SALT at Facebook.com/SALTMONEY or @SALT_MONEY on Twitter.

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