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The HNU Financial Aid Experience

The HNU Financial Aid Experience includes a scholarship program that rewards you for your unique talents – especially those that relate to your potential for academic success, leadership, and service to others.

Prior to first enrolling at HNU, we will provide you information about the institutional scholarships you will receive from us. You will receive these scholarships every semester in which you enroll at HNU and make satisfactory progress in pursuit of the degree for which the scholarship was awarded. For some talent scholarships, like athletic and music awards, you will also need to be active in that program, but hey, that is one of the reasons you chose HNU anyway.

Like anything, there are a few qualifications (fortunately, these are good ones):

  • First you will need to meet regularly with one of our Counselors in Student Financial Services. The initial meeting will be prior to completing your first enrollment at HNU. Your counselor (everyone gets one – so get to know him/her) will prove you and members of your family if appropriate, ongoing financial counseling that helps you think about how you will connect your educational goals to ways to finance them.
  • Second, you will need to submit all required documents (sometimes called forms) prior to the deadlines. Seems simple, but by not doing so, scholarships and other financial aid for which you qualify may actually not be available, so you need to get your stuff in to get the money.
  • Third, as mentioned above, you must make satisfactory progress (so go to class and work hard) and if you receive a scholarship for something like music or sports, you must be active in those programs in accordance with any policies that regulate those scholarships. These policies will be provided to you when you first enroll and you may review them at any time by clicking here.

Remember, almost 100% of undergraduate students at HNU receive scholarships, and you are likely to get one too. You might also be eligible for other financial aid too:


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