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Standard Student Budgets (Cost of Attendance) 

The standard student budget (Cost of Attendance or COA) is the starting place from which all financial aid is awarded.  The Cost of Attendance includes both direct costs to the school (tuition, fees and perhaps room and board) as well as allowances for transportation, books, and personal/miscellaneous costs.  These allowances for undergraduate students are based on the California Student Aid Commission’s allowances for the Cal Grant Programs.  Students are not eligible to receive financial aid of any kind (HNU administered funds or outside-administered funds) which exceed the standard student budget less the estimated family contribution as determined by the FAFSA process.  Student budgets are designed to provide a reasonably accurate projection of costs while attending Holy Names University.  They provide a mechanism by which the Office of Financial Aid can make responsible, equitable award decisions for all students attending HNU.  The Office of Financial Aid develops the student budgets on an annual basis to reflect increases in direct and indirect educational expenses.  The standard student budget is determined for each student based on his or her year in school (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) and costs for tuition and general fees.  The standard student budgets are designed to cover the educational costs for a single person.  Students who are married and/or have dependents are assigned the same budget as a single student.  However, the calculation of their expected contribution takes into account their household size by including an Income Protection allowance, which provides an amount for food, clothing, and shelter based on the family size.

Budget adjustments may be considered on an individual basis and require the completion of a Request for Special Circumstances form as well as supporting documentation for the change requested.

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