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New Initiative for College Access

New Initiative for College Access

Partnership Programs

Admission Counseling Services

Counselors map out an individual educational plan for each student based on their goals, background and finances. get details »

We create pathways for students to ensure that each student reaches their educational goals. Individual counseling is encouraged for students who are first in their family to go to college. Contact the Admissions Office to meet with a Counselor to being your college plan.



Programs are available for students and families beginning with 9th and 10th grade college planning. get details »

Case Studies, Mock Admissions Interviews, the admission essay, and FAFSA workshops are also available. To schedule a workshop at your high school or for a community organization that you work with, please contact our offices to discuss the details. We also provide a College Prep Series for high school seniors which includes all of the workshops. Click here to learn more about the College Prep Series.


Tutoring Services

We provide tutoring for students in elementary, junior high and high school. get details »

Tutoring support through our College Mentor Program prepares students for the essentials of college success. Group tutoring sessions and individual tutoring may be available on-site or at a local high school campus in the areas of English, math and writing. Contact our offices to find out how to schedule a tutoring session for your students. Group tutoring sessions and individual tutoring may be available on-site or at a local high school campus.


Civic Engagement

Getting into college isn't just about grades and test scores. It is also very important for students to get involved at their school and in their community. get details »

Our office will help students organize and facilitate a community action project. Students are even encouraged to get involved in community service projects facilitated by current college students at HNU. If you want to start a community service action with your high school or community organization, and you would like some help from our offices, just contact us! College students at HNU always have a community service project in the works, so feel free to ask us about the opportunities available for you or your group.



Each student partnered with the New Initiative for College Access is welcomed into our community. get details »

We encourage especially Seniors in High School to attend events happening on campus. Getting involved early on university campuses helps with the overall transition from high school to college life. Every year Holy Names University students host a Lu'au for new and returning students. It's a celebration of food, music and culture, and it's your next opportunity to learn what life on campus is really like. Come join us for a Hawaiian BBQ dinner, entertainment by HNU's Pacific Islander club, and the perfect night to engage with current HNU students. Don't forget to contact our office to RSVP for the event, space is limited.
November 11, 2010 5pm to 8pm, RSVP with Tammy Dain at 510-436-1368 or dain@hnu.edu

College Prep Series for High School Seniors

We believe that especially for under served students and students who are the first to go to college in their family, extra help throughout the year is essential. As an institution of higher learning, we would like to help provide information and resources throughout the process. Please take a look at the what the series includes below.

Fall Preparation

  • Admissions Essay
  • Case Studies
  • Mock Admissions Interview

Spring Preparation

  • FAFSA Workshop
  • The Financial Aid Process
  • Tips for College Success - Mixer with current college students

Throughout the Year

  • Study Days
  • Service Projects

If you would like to arrange a College Prep Series for a group of high school seniors, or would like to learn more, please contact our offices.

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