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Thank You HNU Alumni

HNU students of today will be changing the world of tomorrow. We’ve seen it happen with many of our most outstanding graduates. Their success would not be possible without the support of our alumni donors!

In the Fiscal Year 07/08, Alumni contributed over $1.4 million to the University through cash, gifts of securities and bequests!

Why Should I Give?

Because your donation will go directly to benefit students like Tiffany Ho, Class of 2008.

Tiffany is a Liberal Studies major from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. She chose HNU because she wanted to attend a small school that would provide her with new opportunities and a chance to see what life was like on the mainland. Thanks to the generous scholarships she received Tiffany came to HNU and has been an active member of this community since she arrived 4 years ago. Tiffany has been involved with campus ministry and student retreats and worked as a Resident Assistant for 3 years using innovative programming to unite her residents.

If Tiffany’s story is not enough here are 7 more reasons why alumni need to support HNU.

Seven Reasons Why Alumni Should Support HNU

  1. Tuition and fees don't cover the full cost of an education. Alumni support to the Annual Fund provides HNU with the additional resources required to meet the University's highest priorities, from scholarships to library acquisitions to faculty and student services.
  2. You (alumni) benefited from similar generosity when you were a student. Alumni support back then helped keep tuition down and funded new equipment; the same needs exist today.
  3. Our strength is your strength. Your degree reflects HNU's good reputation. To keep up with technology, teaching standards and quality education, we need your help!
  4. HNU has a long history of outstanding faculty. Alumni donations help support services for our dedicated and committed faculty. All of our full-time faculty members hold doctorates or the highest degree in their field.
  5. Your gift will help prepare the next generation for the work force. Annual fund dollars provide deserving students with scholarships, internships, tutors, research experiences and collaborative study opportunities--experiences that prepare them for the competitive job market.
  6. You'll help improve the quality of student life. Contributions help fill academic needs such as scholarships, but also help with campus maintenance and extra-curricular activities that enhance the educational experience
  7. Every bit helps. Foundations and corporations look to the number of alumni contributing in choosing the level at which they will support HNU. Your gift can spur many more. Broad-based alumni support is important not only from a monetary perspective, but also as a symbol of alumni interest and satisfaction.

Giving Opportunities

We invite you to explore our website to find out more about your giving opportunities. Please contact us with your questions about giving to HNU.

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