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Dr. Hynes A Message from the President

In ancient Greek tradition, Zeus was so fed up with the stupidity and crudeness of men and women that he wanted to destroy them. Fortunately for us, Prometheus intervened and shared two things that make us human. The first was the gift of fire, previously the exclusive property of the gods. The second was the virtue of philanthropy, literally the love (philos) of humankind (anthropos). These gifts were the first acts of philanthropy. Given fire, we were able to progress. Given the ability to love others, we were empowered to become fully human.

The Judeo-Christian tradition catches this same spirit of empowering philanthropy in the Golden Rule, which Mother Marie Rose Durocher, the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, echoes when she asks us to “Extend a hand to one another to help surmount the difficulties that occur.”

Holy Names University exists only because of the love and generosity that the Sisters, trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and you manifest for our mission. Grounded in the core values of the liberal arts and the Catholic tradition, we try to touch each generation of students, preparing them to think critically, seek and discern the truth, communicate effectively and persuasively, and become skilled professionals guided by love, ethics, social justice, diversity and generosity.

This special issue includes the names of those individuals and organizations that have shown their love of our students and the common good by sharing their resources with Holy Names University. Each gift is an act of philanthropy, an act of love, and a gift empowering the receiver and ennobling the giver.

Please receive this report as our testimony to these our human heroines and heroes whose gifts sustain, transform, and challenge us anew to “liberate the spirit” in all whose lives we touch.

William J. Hynes, Ph.D.

April 23
April 26
May 3
May 5

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