Library Hawk Squawk for 3/21/12: Occupy APA Workshop; eBook Update

Occupy APA Workshop Thursday, 5-7 PM, Library Classroom

A Citation Sit-in for Students and Faculty: Are you a student or faculty member driven to frustration by the challenges of APA (American Psychological Association) citation? Are your APA citation skills in need of a tune-up? Would you like an introduction to using RefWorks to format your citations? Librarians Nicole Branch and Daniel Ransom are offering a workshop about this ubiquitous and challenging citation format designed to help you format citations and reference lists easily and quickly. We still have space; email to reserve a spot.

eBook Update–Mostly Good News, Plus Rumblings from Publishers

For users of our  ebrary collection (over 50,000 titles, primarily scholarly reading), ebrary now offers a free app compatible with Apple iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone. See ebrary’s guide to setting up your device. A  nice little app, indeed.

Our mobile-friendly Overdrive collection, compatible with many devices, now has hundreds of books–primarily popular titles, but also some scholarly titles, plus a number of titles related to Zeitoun, the 2011-2012 HNU Connections Project reading, as well as student-success topics such as test-taking and job-hunting. We even offer two copies of Killing the Messenger, the book featured in last week’s Salon.

However, the Library has been asked from time to time why we don’t buy such-and-such books for our Overdrive collection. The problem is that many of the largest publishers balk at library ebook lending. Some publishers simply won’t play at all. Recently, Random House raised its ebook prices over 300%, making ebooks that had been within our means  too pricey for us. Others impose rules such as “Ok for Nook but not for Kindle,” and so forth.

We’ll continue to offer books in all formats, but we wanted to let you know some of the challenges libraries face in the eBook world. Keep on reading!

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