Library Hawk Squawk: Pink Triangles; Database Interruptions; Ding-Dong!

CAMPUS DATABASE INTERRUPTIONS: For the past 48 hours there have been occasional service interruptions on campus for our licensed databases and other scholarly resources. We are working with Campus IT to restore service as soon as possible. Contact us at if you need immediate assistance retrieving a resource.

DING-DONG! The library now has a doorbell (switched on when we’re closed, switched off when we’re open).  No more scratching at the door or throwing pebbles at the director’s window–announce your arrival in style!

Pink Triangles

Pink Triangles

FILM SHOWING: PINK TRIANGLES, THURSDAY APRIL 19, 12:30 – 1:30: In cooperation with HNU’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), the Library will be hosting a showing of Pink Triangles: A Study of Prejudice against Lesbians and Gay Men on April 19 (Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the eve of the National Day of Silence). Pink Triangles is a historic 32-minute documentary produced in 1982 that used the Nazi persecution of homosexuals as a launching point for an exploration of “the nature of discrimination against lesbians and gay men and … some of society’s attitudes toward homosexuality.” Location: Library Classroom (which has awesome new projectors). No RSVP necessary. Light refreshments served.

Unless otherwise noted, all movies shown in the Library have public performance rights, in accordance with U.S. copyright law, and are open to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

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One Response to Library Hawk Squawk: Pink Triangles; Database Interruptions; Ding-Dong!

  1. Tim Peterson says:

    That doorbell sure will come in handy! I was actually wondering some time ago why wasn’t there a doorbell so I suppose someone read my mind and placed it there =)

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