Summer Hawk Squawk: Hawk Collection, Upcoming Artists

Don’t forget we have oodles of books to check out through our print collection as well as Overdrive. Kick back with Mockingjay or Killing the Messenger, ask for a recommendation, recommend a purchase — we’re here for you!

Hawk Collection: Featuring Works by the HNU Community

Hawk Collection

Hawk Collection

Faculty, students, staff, and alumnae who have contributed to or written a book are encouraged to share their achievements with the library so we can purchase your books to add to our Hawk Collection, in the Glass Lounge just on the left as you walk in. As you can see from this link to Jesus of Galilee, items in our Hawk Collection receive a special call number. Go Hawk Books!

Upcoming Library Artwork

We are pleased to announce that our artists for Fall 2012 will again be local talent: Professor Ian Sammis from the Math Department, and Carolyn Gaye, an Education certificate student and also a library graduate assistant.  The walls of the Glass Lounge are bare now, but by August they will bloom with color!

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