Library Hawk Squawk: Book Talk Thursday 11/7

Elizabeth Rosner, Speed of Light

Book Talk: Elizabeth Rosner

Thursday, November 7, 2013, 6:30 p.m. — 7:15 p.m.

Elizabeth Rosner, author of Blue Nude and The Speed of Light, and former HNU instructor, will discuss “Writing and Life.”She will then proceed to Dan Schmidt’s writing class, but you are welcome to stay for refreshments and mingling.

Library Acquires Jung’s Red Book

The Library has acquired and has on display a handsome facsimile edition of Carl Jung’s Red Book (also known as Liber Novus, which is Latin for New Book). Jung hand-lettered and illustrated this book.

Dr. Perri L. Franskoviak, Assistant Professor of Psychology, says, “Written after he and Freud went their separate ways, between 1913 and 1930, the Red Book provides us with a glimpse into the shadowy recesses and light-filled corners of Jung’s mind, his hopes and his despair, all of which, he would say, contributed to him becoming himself.”

Read more about the Red Book on Wikipedia, or see a photo of the Red Book and explore the scholarly resources on the library’s Psychology subject guide (there are dozens of articles about the Red Book in PsychINFO, for example).

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