Library Hawk Squawk: Occupy APA & MLA Workshop; New Books

Ready for a little escape reading? We’ve refreshed our collection of popular books in the library and in our tablet-friendly Overdrive collection ( ). (The Cuckoo’s Calling? Yes, we have it in paper and as an ebook!) If you’d like to recommend books for us to buy, see the “Recommend a Purchase” form on our website.

Ready to stop being frustrated by APA/MLA citation? Then you need to attend:

Occupy APA (and MLA): A Citation Sit-In for HNU Students and Faculty
Join the demonstration: Tuesday October 22, 2013
5-7 pm in the HNU Library Classroom

Are you a student or faculty member driven to frustration by the challenges of APA (American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Languages Association) citation? Are your citation skills in need of a tune-up? Would you like to save time formatting your assignments or articles?

Librarians Nicole Branch and Daniel Ransom are offering a workshop about these ubiquitous and challenging citation formats designed to help you format citations and reference lists easily and quickly. Light refreshments served.


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