Library Hawk Squawk: Therapy Dogs, Final Salon, Giant Post-It Survey

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Watch for Therapy Dogs 2: The Waggening!  Monday, December 9 (Study Day), 3-5 pm, the East Bay SPCA will once again bring therapy dogs to the Library. Therapy dogs are licensed service dogs who ease anxiety by being a gentle presence. They offer a furry head to pat, a game of frisbee to let off steam, or just a happy wag to let you know all will be ok. (Visiting the therapy dogs is not limited to students!)

Giant Post-It Survey From today through Finals, the Library is providing giant Post-Its around the library so students can share ideas for improving library services.  We last did this in 2011, and it’s the reason we added so much soft seating and made a few other changes, so please do add your comments!

Writers’ Salon: Graduate Writing Workshop Thursday, December 12, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Dan Schmidt’s graduate writing class on editorial writing will present their work in a final reading. Come to this last event of the semester and share a glass of wine and a nibbly as we provide the last Cushing Salon of the season.

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