Library Hawk Squawk: Blind Date with a Book, Living an Integrated Life, Art Talk

Blind date with a book

Blind date with a book

The Library has had great success with our Blind Date with a Book project. Check out a mystery book — it’s a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and get to know a book you might not have picked up otherwise. There are “hints” on the covers. All books selected by the unapologetic bibliophiles on Team Library.

Next week’s Library event:

Thursday, February 20, 12:30 – 1:15 pm. Living an Integrated Life: Christian Nonviolence, the Contemplative Life and Sustainable Living. Featuring presenters Suzanne and Brayton Shanley, Co-Founders of the Agape Community in Central MA, a lay Catholic Community co-founded in 1982 with the an emphasis on prayer, evangelical simplicity and sustainability, and nonviolent love.  Co-sponsored by Campus Ministry and the Sophia Center. Light refreshments served. [Request email reminder]

Don’t forget that the following week, on Tuesday, February 25, 3:30-5:00, we will have our 11th art showing and talk since 2009, featuring art professor Robert Simons’ luminous, numinous new work in an exhibit titled “Blind Stork and Toy Mouse Series: Recent work by Robert Simons.” These huge, colorful, emotion-filled pieces will lift your spirits and stir your imagination. Robert’s art talks are always fascinating and informative, and of course, there will be light refreshments.  [Request Email Reminder]

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