HNU Student Survey, Spring 2014: Results

In April 2014 the library conducted a student survey. We received 215 completed responses (and gave out eight $25 Amazon gift cards awarded in a drawing).  Thanks to the HNU students who responded — we appreciate what you had to share.  Here are the highlights:

Library habits

  1. 89% visit the library at least once a month.
  2. 41% visit the library at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  3. Top activities were printing papers, using library computers, studying individually and in groups, taking a break between classes, consuming food or beverages, and attending library workshops.
  4. 46% reported consulting with a librarian on a drop-in basis at least once a semester. 16% made an appointment with a librarian at least once a semester.
  5. 28% reported taking “a quick nap” in the library at least once in the last two semesters (a true sign of feeling comfortable in a building).


  1. 43% of the respondents own a tablet computer.
  2. 93% own a laptop (49% Mac, 44% Windows). 31% own a desktop (9% Mac, 22% Windows).
  3. 98% own a cell phone. 88% own a smartphone.
  4. 18% have used our new text-a-librarian service at least once.
  5. 81% indicated an interest in online student portfolios. 

Areas of excellence: Library service

We are so proud of the responses! In students’ own words:

The Staff is GREAT!”

“I simply love the library, keep up the good work.”

“I like that students can rent laptops and work on homework.”

“[The librarians are] very polite, quick to respond, and helpful.”

“The librarians are great in helping do research for nursing papers.”

“The librarians are extremely helpful, and I like that we can text them as well.”

“The HNU library is AMAZING!!!”

Areas for future directions

The Cushing Library has seen a healthy increase in use of the library in the last five years. This is great, because there is plenty of research linking library use to student success. But according to students, attention to our aged facility would make library usage even stronger. In their words:

“It would be beneficial to upgrade the overall look and feel of the library to be more welcoming to students.”

“Needs a bit of updating to do overall good service.”

“The material things … need to be updated, for example, more comfortable couches.”

“Newer bathrooms, more space for conversational learning, and more study rooms.”

“We need more comfortable chair options, outlets, and more space. It’s hard to find a table to study at during the week.”

“Getting it updated … is a good idea. :)

“One of my few qualms is the temperature, it gets unbearably stuffy.”

When we asked what would encourage more frequent use of the library, students responded: more soft seating (81%), updated study rooms (78%) and study desks (71%), vending machines with hot beverages and fresh food (63%), more power outlets (73%), more computers (76%), better campus lighting (68%), a commuter student lounge (64%), better heating and cooling (62%), and a dedicated “quiet lounge” (77%).

One student wrote, “I hope that there will be more new improvements to come.” That is our goal, and this is terrific input we will use to guide our future. Have a wonderful summer (and to our grads: buenaventura, and Go Hawks!).


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