Library Hawk Squawk, 7/1/7/14: Lower Level Closing

So Campus Services can complete the upgrade of our Archive Room — this room’s first “refresh” since the library was built in 1958 — we will be CLOSING the library’s lower level as of Monday, July 21, possibly up to but no later than Orientation.

Library workers will be happy to retrieve any books you need from the lower level, and you may email, call, or text ahead for service (see our website, ).┬áBecause the closure of the lower level puts the study rooms down there off-limits, we are also relaxing the “two or more” rule for the Seminar Room on the main floor to allow it to be reserved by one person for up to three hours at a time. See our guide for the study room reservation form.

This photo set shows what the Archive Room looked like last week after it was cleared of unneeded items unrelated to Holy Names. We also found two locked boxes… what do you think they hold? Should we hold a contest to guess the contents?

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