Out With the Old, In With the New

Alumni and Sisters present a plaque to Mr. Henry Kaiser, 1957

In 1957 the entire college moved from Lake Merritt to the new campus on Mountain Boulevard. The old property was sold to Henry Kaiser, its buildings demolished to make way for the Kaiser Building. Above, some alumni and SNJM Sisters present a commemorative plaque proclaiming the Kaiser Building as the “Former Site of the College of the Holy Names, 1868-1957” to A. B. Ordway, Kaiser’s right hand man, and the namesake of the building. You can still see the plaque in the building today.

Sisters in front of the moving van, ready to relocate the College from Lake Merritt to the new campus

Demolition of the College of the Holy Names campus to make way for the Kaiser building, 1957

College of the Holy Names Grounds Blessing

Above, the Blessing of the Grounds for the future College of the Holy Names site in the Oakland hills.

Next week, we’ll post a terrific series of photos of the new campus under construction. Happy New Year to the entire Holy Names University community, as well as to all our Oakland neighbors!

Update: February 13: This post has been edited to reflect a correction noted by Lincoln Cushing, Digital Archivist – Communications Consultant, Kaiser Permanente Heritage Resources. Thank you Mr. Cushing!

I believe the gentleman offering the plaque is A.B. Ordway, Henry J. Kaiser’s right hand man and the namesake of our building (opened 1971, next to the Kaiser Building).

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  1. Interesting write up on a part of history that didn’t get much attention. Thanks for sharing! It must have been hard for those Nuns to see the building be demolished.

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