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Pictures from the 2006 ISHS Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Registration at the Danish University of Education (July 3, 2006)

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Welcoming Reception at the Copenhagen City Hall (July 4, 2006)


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Research Presentations (July 3-6, 2006)


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Graduate Student Award Recipients

Andrea Samson (University of Fribourg), Chiara Bucaria (University of Bologna),
and Katrina Triezenberg (Purdue University)

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ISHS Board Members at the Conference

Rod A. Martin

ISHS President

Martin Führ
Conference Convenor

Alleen Nilsen

Board Member

Don Nilsen

ISHS Historian

Hans Vejleskov
Conf. Co-Convenor

Martin Lampert

Executive Secretary

Salvatore Attardo

Humor Editor-in-Chief

with Andrea Samson

Ralph Mueller

Newsletter Editor

with Conference Delegate

Margaret Mathias

2007 Conference Convenor

Wladislaw Chlopicki

Board Member

with Giselinde Kuipers

Peter Derks

Book Review Editor

with Viking Friend

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2006 Portrait Gallery


See you next year at the 2007 ISHS Conference in Newport, Rhode Island.

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