HNU Technology Vision


  • Is a modern, mobile campus community of lifelong learners
  • Uses digital tools and resources ubiquitously and transparently
  • Models best practices of 21st century teaching and learning


The HNU product is to deliver to students a world class education and a modern set of skills that supports their success in the workplace. Therefore…

Every faculty member and student will have access to a modern personal mobile technology device 24 x 7 to:

  • access, analyze, distribute and present media-rich information
  • promote collaboration and communication between and among students and faculty
  • advance the image of the HNU as a cutting-edge and modern campus

The Faculty Computer Program (FCP)

New HNU Full-Time Faculty will be issued a 13-inch MacBook Pro with standard specifications.

The Holy Names University aims to keep Faculty computers current by proactively replacing older systems before they are completely obsolete. Faculty Computer Program (FCP) seeks to replace Apple MacBooks systems every three years where the budget permits.

The goal of the program is to keep current our computer equipment for our full-time faculty, while minimizing the impact on our technology budget. This initiative will greatly contribute to teaching and scholarship, by providing the tools needed to keep pace with the state of technology. FCP will also provide for a level of standardization that will facilitate common software and networking protocols.

The FCP refreshes the computer technology for Full-Time professors by providing departments with the ability to place orders with IT, for the number of computers that are eligible for during a refresh cycle.  This number is determined by the percentage of the total number of computers currently issues to the departments that are over three years old.

If faculty wish to purchase replaced systems, the systems must be four years old, otherwise, they will be re-deployed where needed or used as spares.