Faculty & Staff Biographies

Current Faculty & Staff 

Anne Laskey, Director of Kodály Center and Professor of Music

János Horváth, Visiting Associate Professor

Dr. Steven Hofer, Chair and Associate Professor of Music

Seth Arnopole, Coordinator – Arts & Humanities, Math & Science, and Music Divisions

Faculty from the Kodály Summer Institute

Judit Hartyányi

Helga Dietrich

Gemma Arguelles

Hélène Matters

Fran Smith

Lydia Mills

Ildikó Salgado

Gail Needleman

Former Faculty & Staff 

American Faculty: Sister Mary Alice Hein, Mary Helen Richards, Lois Choksy, Toni Locke, Scott McCormick, Ed Bolkovac, Ivy Rawlins, Rita Klinger, Betty Bertaux, Anne Laskey, David Xiques, Gemma Arguelles, Gail Needleman, Fran Smith and Judith Chan

Australian Faculty: Judith Johnson, Anne Comiskey and Hélène Matters

Canadian Faculty: Pierre and Margaret Perron, Vernon Ellis and Kathleen Dalton 

Hungarian Faculty: (from the Liszt Academy, Budapest, Kodály Institute, Kecskemét and others):  Emma Szerényi, Katalin Forrai, László Vikár, Erzsébet Hegyi, Maria Katanics, Helga Szabó, Miklós Szabó, Mari Farkas, Katinka Daniel, Lenke Igó, Gabriella Thész, Sarolta Platthy, Éva Vendrei, Ildikó Herboly, Judit Hartyányi, János Horváth, Helga Dietrich, László Matos, Bori Szirányi, and Ildikó Thész Salgado

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