Anne Laskey

Anne Laskey, Professor of Music at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, is director of theKodály Center for Music Education where she teaches pedagogy, practicum and folk musicand supervises student teaching in neighboring schools. Anne holds an M.A. in music fromClaremont Graduate University, and a Kodály Specialist Certificate from Holy Names. Herprevious positions include 12 years as Music Specialist at the Convent of the Sacred Heart inSan Francisco and five years as Assistant Conductor of the San Francisco Boys Chorus. Shehas served three terms on the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) board, mostrecently as Higher Education Representative, and was the national program chair for the 2004OAKE Conference in San Francisco. Anne received OAKE’s Outstanding Educator Award in2008, and HNU’s Faculty Award in 2011.
Phone: 510-436-1314

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