Masters Program

Holy Names University provides students the opportunity to earn a Masters in Music in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis.  Designed for music teachers, choral conductors, church musicians, and performers who seek an advanced degree emphasizing the Kodály approach to music education, this program is taught by world-class faculty from the United States and Hungary.  This program can be completed over the course of 1 – 3 years and provides students with a wealth of resources that are unique and invaluable to the learning experience.

Just a few reasons why you want to study at Holy Names University:

  • The Kennedy Arts Center houses a folk song collection that has been declared an archive by the Library of Congress. This special collection, representing major and minor regional and ethnic groups in the United States, is uniquely organized according to pedagogical content and has proved invaluable to teachers who come to select songs for teaching musical skills through singing.
  • The curriculum features core courses in pedagogy, solfège and musicianship, choral conducting, folk music, children’s vocal pedagogy, and choral singing.
  • Supervised student teaching placements are provided in surrounding Piedmont and Oakland public schools.
  • The Kodály Endowment fund enables the Kodály Center for Music Education to award fellowships to qualified students. View the Kodály Fellowship Application here.

For additional information on the Masters Program and/or the annual Summer Institute, contact Anne Laskey, Director of the Kodály Center at Holy Names.


Phone: 510-436-1314

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