Participant Feedback

“Comprehensive course/program with focus on practical aspects of being a music educator.  You are surrounded by an impressive group of instructors and peers that are very positive and encouraging, and genuinely want you to grow professionally.”

- Anonymous

“As a very proactive course with extremely high standards, the content can be applied in your own classroom immediately.  The faculty is very supportive of where each student is and classmates are very collaborative.”

- Julie Rinard

This is the most valuable music education program I have ever experienced.  When I began teaching elementary music after just having finished Level I, I hit the ground running and totally prepared.  Thank you!”

-Althea Rahman

“As a singer, I love that singing is the basis for music education in the Kodály method, as singing is something that each of us has access to as a human.  This validates small children and allows them to use their natural instrument and immediately become musicians.”

-Laney Armstrong

“First I have learned that music class should not only teach students about music, but it should be fun.  Second, I have learned about the power and importance of experiential learning.  Finally, I have learned about the importance of patience along with planning and sequencing your lessons.”

- Kevin Diggins

“Music is a complex subject that engages the mind, body and soul.”
“The Kodály concept truly embraces the educational idea of universal accessibility without the compromise of quality.”

- Samantha Maas-Baldwin

“For me, the most important aspect of Kodály methodology is that he wanted the students to internalize and do their own musical exploration… As a result of the emphasis on internalization and student production, of sounds vocally and on the body, the aspect of making conscious only takes a day to click.”

- Cris Morales

“Learning about Kodály is like having  a light switch turned on after fumbling around in the dark.  It’s truly a revelation.”

“I love the idea that nothing is taught in isolation; that every concept our students learn is discovered by them (not presented by a teacher) and that every concept is taught through beautiful, authentic songs and fun, engaging games, (not taught in an abstract way).”

- Rita Alway

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