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pre reg form 2014 final

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  1. Lisa Sargent says:

    I would like to know what the tuition is for the summer institute.

    Also, a question – are the training programs transferable, specifically the one in Ft. Collins, CO, or Portland, OR? I haven’t begun anywhere yet, but it could be possible that in a given summer, my schedule may favor one or the other of the training sites. If they are self-contained, that is fine, I would just like to know before beginning.

    Thank you!


    • Anne says:

      Hi Lisa,

      The tuition for Level I this summer is $1525. Our policy here is that we will accept Level I studies towards the certificate, but expect students to take both Level II and III here if they are working towards the certificate. We might possibly allow someone who has taken level I here to take level II elsewhere, then return for level III. I don’t know if all other programs require that you take at least one previous level at that institution before enrolling in Level III and receiving certification. Does this answer your question? I’d be happy to talk – 510-436-1314.


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