Laskey Sequence of Concepts

Look here for Anne Laskey’s sequence of concepts for music in the elementary classroom.  This provides a guideline for the elementary music program.

First Grade

ta ti-ti

2 meter

rhythmic form/icons



quarter rest

form: repeat


Second Grade


half note

do pentatonic scale

form: AA, AB, AABA, etc.

question and answer

form: 1st and 2nd endings (A Av)

4 meter

low la


low so

la pentatonic scale

whole note; half and whole rest

Third Grade

dotted half note (in 4 meter)


eighth note/eighth rest

so pentatonic

high do

absolute (letter) names


re pentatonic

rhythms within 6/8 meter

6/8 meter


do pentachord scale

whole and half step

lowered letter name (Bb)


do hexachord scale



Fourth Grade


diatonic (major) scale  – do

rename w/h steps: M2, m2

tam-ti, ti-tam

intervals: M3, m3

3 meter

la pentachord scale

raised letter name (F#)

la hexachord scale

diatonic (minor) scale – la

key signatures: C major and a minor

melodic sequence

tim-ri, ri-tim

key signatures: F major and d minor

cut time

key signatures: G major and e minor

Fifth Grade

parallel thirds

key signatures: D major and b minor

intervals:  fourths


horn call

intervals: fifths

key signatures: Bb major and g minor

harmony: tonic/dominant

altered notes: si

harmonic minor scale

(classical period materials for this level)

Sixth Grade

key signatures: Eb major and c minor

interval: sixths

mode: dorian

altered note: fi

melodic minor scale

key signatures: A major and f# minor

interval: sevenths

harmony:  subdominant

mode: mixolydian

altered note: ta

(medieval/renaissance materials for this level)

- Anne Laskey, 2011

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      Thanks for your feedback. Go ahead and send an email directly to Anne Laskey ( or myself ( We look forward to hearing your feedback.


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