HNU Community teams with local organizations to help feral cats

Raskob parent, Elise Stewart, of Safe Cat Foundation, Sister Nancy Teskey and Sister Elizabeth Adams have been working with the Feral Cat Foundation and ABC Veterinary Clinic to help HNU’s feral cat population. “This is a great example of many people and organizations coming together to help solve a bad situation,” said Ms. Stewart on the Safe Cat Foundation’s website:

Holy Names University in Oakland has a gorgeous campus. The hills are covered with lovely buildings and trees overlooking the Bay. But these hills have been a dumping ground for unwanted cats. The cats are feral now but relatively used to humans so can be seen playing or laying in the sun. They have become dependent on the garbage cans and the kindness of the staff for food. But without assistance the school will soon be overrun with cats who will suffer.

Recently the community has come together to help these cats. Sister Nancy Teskey and Sister Elizabeth Adams have been trapping the kitties at night. Elise Stewart of Safe Cat Foundation provides transportation to and from ABC Veterinary Clinic in San Ramon, who provides spay/neuter services for ferals. The cats are fixed, ears are notched, they are vaccinated then returned back to campus after a night of recovery. Feral Cat Foundation is providing the financial assistance to have them fixed and vaccinated.

As of mid-October, the team had trapped 11 cats. Read more about the project at the Safe Cat Foundation website.

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