Zaida McCall-Perez, Ed.D publishes a chapter on multicultural teaching strategies for K12 teachers

Zaida McCall-Perez, Ed.D., (seen on the left, next to editor Lettie Ramirez) Graduate Education at HNU, and Coordinator of the Master of Education and the Spanish Bilingual teacher authorization programs, has been published in a new teacher education book, “Multicultural education in practice: Transforming communities one at a time,” [Editors: Ramirez and Gallardo. ISBN 13: 9781594950681 Velazquez Press] on teaching strategies for K12 teachers. It was launched in March at the CABE (California Association of Bilingual Education) annual conference in Sacramento, CA.

The book, grounded in the pedagogy of Paulo Freire, is also a fundraiser for a Teachership Scholarship fund in the name of Alma Flor Ada, author of children’s multicultural books and professor Emeritus at USF. Most chapter authors, like Dr. McCall-Perez, are former doctoral students of Dr. Ada.

Dr. McCall-Perez’s contribution is the chapter, “Honoring and sustaining the heritage languages of our students: Strategies for non-Bilingual teachers”.

The book will be on reserve at the HNU Cushing Library for interested students, faculty and staff. At least one university has already adopted it for use in Teacher Education courses.

For more information – including power point presentations of selected chapters, go to: hosted by Lettie Ramirez of CSUEB.

Congratulations to Dr. McCall-Perez!

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