Nursing Students Volunteer at Community Health Fair

DSC_0002[1] HNU nursing students volunteered at the Fourth Annual Job and Health Fair, “Enthusiasm, Energy, and Excellence,” sponsored by EC Reems Community Services and Healthy Communities on June 20.

Amid growing concerns of breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other health ailments, the fair aimed to increase knowledge of health and wellness as well as employment opportunities within the community.

“By volunteering in community health events, students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn firsthand how much people in the community know about their health,” said Deidre Bean RN, MSN, MBA, a new adjunct professor at HNU who accompanied the students. Bean, who graduated from Holy Names University with a dual MSN and MBA degree this year and has worked as an intensive care unit nurse since 2003, is teaching “Community Health Clinical.”

Seventeen students participated in the fair—taking blood tests and blood pressure readings, teaching attendees how to perform breast exams, and making health assessments. The information gained by the students, who will receive clinical hours for their work, will be evaluated within the educational setting, Bean said.

“This assists student learners to further develop their assessment skills, which are critical and essential tools they can use in their future roles to help identify the healthcare needs and disparities that exist within the community and patient populations in which they will be servicing,” she said. “These tools include learning different techniques to educate the community about how to detect illness, prevent disease, and promote healthy lifestyle changes, along with managing and maintaining healthy living.”

DSC_0021[8]Bean hopes that students will become advocates for those who are at a social or economic disadvantage, and that the students will continue to promote healthy lifestyles through community involvement.

“In the end we have created a win-win situation for both the students and the community,” Bean says.

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