New Students Participate in Orientation

orientation1 From academic meetings to dining with family and new friends to the rite of passage, the HNU campus has been livened by orientation activities for new students.

Undergraduate students participated in orientation from August 24–27. Students were invited to a game night, a trip to Alameda, community service projects, and workshops on college expectations and preparing for academic success.

One of the most monumental moments of orientation is the rite of passage. Led by admissions staff, undergraduate freshmen and transfer students ascend the steps from Corrigan Courtyard to the chapel surrounded by their families and friends.

“We have one purpose here and that is to make sure that each of you . . . succeed academically (and) that you succeed and grow personally,” President William Hynes said to the students before they climbed the steps. “We are here because of you. We are here so that you can succeed.”

Orientation for adult bachelor degree and master’s students took place on August 24. New students were greeted by admissions staff, and attended presentations on retention, financial assistance, and campus services. Students also broke into smaller groups to participate in academic program meetings.

Activities for incoming students are continuing for several more days. On August 28, the first day of classes, there was a screening of the movie 42 in Corrigan Courtyard. There is also a student dance on August 30 and an outing to see the Oakland Athletics’ ballgame on September 1.

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