Campus Improvement Projects Completed this Spring and Summer

Campus Services completed multiple projects this spring and summer to improve University buildings and grounds.

“In an effort to enhance the comfort of our students, ensure the safety of our campus constituents, save limited resources, and increase convenience, Campus Services undertook a broad spectrum of campus improvement projects this spring and summer,” Vice President for Finance and Administration Stuart Koop said. “These undertakings demonstrate our constant work to make the HNU experience positive for students, faculty, and staff.”

A number of renovations were made in the residence halls. A water dispenser was installed in the foyer of Durocher Hall that serves as a standard water fountain and is also designed to fill water containers. In Feehan Hall, the E level rooms were converted to mirror the floor plan of the D level, eliminating rooms that held six students and creating suites of double rooms that share a common space. The washers and dryers in the residence halls have been upgraded to accept credit card payments via the web; students may also find out whether washers or dryers are available online (click here for information). There were updates to restroom showers and window screens were replaced.

A new boiler was installed in late spring. The campus is experiencing a 25 percent reduction in gas usage with the enhanced system, and usage is anticipated to decline further as the system is refined.

The fire alarm system was completed in late spring. HNU has received certification by the Oakland Fire Department.

Numerous landscaping projects were finished, including thinning the trees and clearing underbrush on campus. Further, additional LED lighting was installed along the campus road and in the parking lots.

Additional desks and a classroom were added in anticipation of increased enrollment this fall semester. Campus Services is also working with a contractor to add campus parking spaces. A few spaces have been added at this time, and the department is also investigating the expansion of select parking lots.

The campus is planning several changes to the J.D. Kennedy Arts Center to meet American with Disabilities Act requirements. These changes include creating an accessible bathroom and accessible parking spaces. The construction is planned for winter break to minimize disruption.

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