Raskob Partners with Children’s Hospital

The Raskob Learning Institute and Day School has hosted more than 20 pediatric residents since June in an ongoing partnership with Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland. In groups of two or three, the residents have toured Raskob, and learned about challenges faced by children with learning disabilities. Their visits are part of a program offered by Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland.

“This has offered a great opportunity to talk with pediatricians about learning issues, and the importance of early identification, intervention, and referrals, as well as to let more professionals in our community learn about Raskob’s Day School, Educational Therapy Clinic, and Diagnostic Program,” said Polly Mayer, clinic director of the Raskob Learning Institute and Day School.

Through conversations with Mayer and Executive Director Edith Ben Ari, the pediatric residents learn about possible warning signs of learning issues that they may encounter when seeing children in their medical practices. Some of these symptoms may include a reluctance to go to school, as well as chronic stomachaches and headaches. The Raskob Learning Institute and Day School provides the pediatric residents with articles, referral sources, and a bibliography of websites and books about learning issues.

The doctors that direct Community Advocacy Primary Care Rotation (CAP) said that the pediatric residents find the experience informative and useful for helping families with children struggling with learning disabilities. One of the residents said, “This was the best activity in CAP! They had a wonderful presentation for us, nice handouts, great demonstrations, and allowed us to watch activities in progress at the school.”

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