University Librarian Wins Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award

kgscindimediumThe American Library Association has announced HNU University Librarian Karen G. Schneider as the winner of the 2014 Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award. The award is a biannual recognition by the American Library Association honoring a librarian who takes action for positive change in the profession of librarianship. Some of those actions include helping new librarians grow and achieve, working for change within the American Library Association or other library organization, and inspiring colleagues to excel.

According to Ann Symons, the committee chair, the award jury chose Schneider “ . . . for a career noted by risk taking, inspiring and mentoring colleagues, and making opportunities for change out of the challenges to librarianship.”

Schneider’s accomplishments include developing one of the first training programs for the Queens Library, founding both the Resource Sharing Committee of the Statewide California Library Consortium, and writing one of the first regular columns on library technology.

The award jury’s decision was unanimous.

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