HNU Launches Alumni Mentoring Program

3a98c9bHoly Names University’s alumni staff created a LinkedIn Alumni Mentoring Program in July. This popular social networking site serves as a link for HNU alumni to connect with current HNU students (or with other HNU alumni) to provide mentoring and advice.

When students and alumni join, they will gain access to the HNU Alumni Mentoring Program “group.” After membership is approved by group manager Frances Renty Williams, director of alumnae/i, the user is ready to connect with other HNU users.

This account was set up as an easy way for current students to ask questions about their career goals, their majors, or to seek advice about other professions. Anyone (a current student or an alum) can post a question and anyone (a current student or an alum) can answer the question. There are already 56 individuals who have signed up in less than a month.

Joining is easy. If you already have a LinkedIn account, simply select the LinkedIn Alumni Mentoring Program group and click on the “Join” button. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, click here, then select the “Join” button and complete the information when you see the pop-up to join LinkedIn.

This is a private group. The purpose of this program is for current students to get advice, information, or the support they want— and for alumni to help students in specific ways that advance each student’s individual growth and development.

If you have any question or want to learn more, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 510.436.1240.

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