The Kodály Center for Music Education Receives $10,000 Grant

Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály

The Kodály Center for Music Education at Holy Names University (HNU) received a $10,000 grant from The Hungary Initiatives Foundation to support the continuation of visiting Hungarian master teachers. These professors are integral to the success of HNU’s graduate program and represent the authentic implementation of this unique approach to music education in the United States.

HNU has the distinction of being the first institution of higher learning to offer an advanced degree in music education with a Kodály emphasis.

As described in the grant’s proposal, “In 1969 Sister Mary Alice Hein, a professor of music at Holy Names University, encountered the prominent Hungarian composer, musician and music educator Zoltán Kodály. She quickly embraced his radically democratic vision of universal music literacy and shared his belief that music endows us with a language that contributes to the development of human consciousness.

“With the support of an IREX scholarship, Sister Mary Alice studied at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in 1970. Her vision was to bring Kodály’s philosophy to the United States. Under her dedicated guidance, HNU became an international hub for Kodály teacher training. In 1973 the first Kodály International Symposium (the forerunner of the International Kodály Society) was held at Holy Names University, and in 1974 the University’s Kodály Program offered the first advanced degree in Kodály music education in the United States. Today the program offers a Masters of Music in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis, a Kodály Specialist Certificate, the Kodály Summer Institute and a range of special seminars and continuing education courses.”

Kodály Center Professor Janos Horváth, and Director Anne Laskey expect the grant to provide opportunities for American faculty to collaborate with visiting Hungarian faculty in the creation and translation of materials for use in classrooms, including curricula, textbooks, and choral literature. Additionally the grant will ensure that Hungarian master teachers remain at the center of teacher training at Holy Names, especially in the areas of musicianship, conducting and choral performance.

Laskey explains, “The beneficiaries of this grant will be the Hungarian master teachers who teach in our annual Kodály Summer Institute, American faculty who will collaborate on specific projects, Master’s students, community choir conductors, elementary and high school teachers, children (world-wide) and community singing groups. We also hope to share the results of this collaboration through presentations at national and international conferences, thus reaching an even larger audience.”

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Lori Kendall, MBA ̓12 Presents at National Conference

Lori Kendall, MBA '12

Lori Kendall, MBA ’12

At the commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2010, Lori Kendall was selected as the speaker for the adult degree completion program. She advised the gathering of students, “Don’t ever hide your light under a bushel.” Lori has been keeping her light shining bright as a second year doctoral student and Fellow at the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Her first research study, entitled “When Businesses Falter: How Relational Climates Foster or Hinder Recovery,” was accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management’s 74th Annual Meeting and Conference which was held the first week in August in Philadelphia. Peer reviewers nominated her paper to receive a “best paper” award, an honor resulting in being published in the “Best Paper Proceedings” for the conference.

The Academy of Management, a professional association for scholars of management and organizations, was established in 1936. It publishes academic journals, organizes conferences, and provides other forums for managers and management professors to communicate research and ideas. Its annual conference attracts over 10,000 students, academics, scholars, and professionals in the scholarly management and organization sectors.

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Nursing Students, Faculty, and Staff Promote Good Health in Oakland

From back to front: Sonam Choegyel, William Bonner, Regina Williams, Candace Van Denwark, Karolyn Gomes, Kimberly Munkacsy, Meseret Tessema, Martha Verdesoto Mora, Catherine Bautista

From back to front: Sonam Choegyel, William Bonner, Regina Williams, Candace Van Denwark, Karolyn Gomes, Kimberly Munkacsy, Meseret Tessema, Martha Verdesoto Mora, Catherine Bautista

“Live Life The Way You Imagined, Healthy and Employed” was the theme for this year’s 5th Annual Job and Health Fair hosted by the E. C. Reems Community Services and Healthy Communities. E.C. Reems is a socially conscious organization, dedicated to educating and empowering communities, regarding health disparities and supportive employment. This is the second year that Holy Names University (HNU) has supported the health fair.

The event focused on helping individuals in the most vulnerable sectors of the community to increase awareness and education regarding employment and health. HNU was well-represented with eight community health students: Regina Williams, Catherine Bautista, Martha Verdesoto Mora, Kimberly Munkacsy , Sonam Choegyel, Candace Van Denwark , Meseret Tessema, and William Bonner. Also in attendance were staff members, Wacheera Davis RN BSN, MSN, MBA, director of nursing student experience, Grace Hill, operations coordinator and lead organizer for the fair, Celeste Rivera, operations specialist, Anne Hickey, Broadcasting studio technician, andKarolyn Gomes RN MSN, Community Health Instructor.

In the literature provided for the event, E.C. Reems emphasized that “leading a healthy lifestyle plays a critical role in many individual lives … for certain individuals, risk factors and rates of disease are higher than others. Many times awareness and health education may be lacking in certain sectors of the community.” The 1,200 visitors who came to the HNU table received blood pressure checks, glucose level evaluations, cholesterol screenings, and individualized information on diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. In addition, HNU’s nursing student performed demonstrations on how to complete a self-breast examination. E.C. Reems also had support from local organizations such as Healthy Communities, United Way, Friends of Faith Fancher Inc., Safeway Foundation, State Farm, UPS, Alameda County Social Services, and BART.

Director of Nursing Student Experience Wacheera Davis points out, “Providing service is what nurses do. Partnering with E.C. Reems Community Services at their job and health fair was definitely a priority for the Department of Nursing.”

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HNU Launches Alumni Mentoring Program

3a98c9bHoly Names University’s alumni staff created a LinkedIn Alumni Mentoring Program in July. This popular social networking site serves as a link for HNU alumni to connect with current HNU students (or with other HNU alumni) to provide mentoring and advice.

When students and alumni join, they will gain access to the HNU Alumni Mentoring Program “group.” After membership is approved by group manager Frances Renty Williams, director of alumnae/i, the user is ready to connect with other HNU users.

This account was set up as an easy way for current students to ask questions about their career goals, their majors, or to seek advice about other professions. Anyone (a current student or an alum) can post a question and anyone (a current student or an alum) can answer the question. There are already 56 individuals who have signed up in less than a month.

Joining is easy. If you already have a LinkedIn account, simply select the LinkedIn Alumni Mentoring Program group and click on the “Join” button. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, click here, then select the “Join” button and complete the information when you see the pop-up to join LinkedIn.

This is a private group. The purpose of this program is for current students to get advice, information, or the support they want— and for alumni to help students in specific ways that advance each student’s individual growth and development.

If you have any question or want to learn more, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 510.436.1240.

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LeaderShape Institute Provides Inspiration

HNU students Sydnee Leveston and Abi Lirio recently attended the LeaderShape Institute at Dominican University, a six-day leadership program for college students with an emphasis on ethics. The summer session took place in June and included 50 participants from numerous Bay Area colleges.

“LeaderShape Institute is an interactive, energizing, and unique experience that builds leadership skills no other program can match,” said HNU Experience Coordinator Andrea Melrose Guimaraes. “It is six days of non-stop self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that build your leadership concepts and abilities.”

LeaderShape is a national organization that aims to provide life-changing experiences to its participants. Launched in 1986, the LeaderShape Institute was designed to improve leadership on university campuses. Two years later LeaderShape, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit to manage the institute. The organization partnered with the University of Michigan College of Engineering in 1992—the first of numerous nationwide institutional partnerships.

The theme of the LeaderShape Institute at Dominican University was “The Value of One, The Power of All.” Students participated in a variety of team- and character-building activities.

“Some of the activities required us to trust each other as well as solve problems together to build a supportive group setting, some required us to be uncomfortable and vulnerable, and others were individual projects that required us to really focus on what we were passionate about,” said Leveston, a multimedia arts and communications major. “But they all forced us to really take a look at ourselves and see how we contribute to a community through our interaction with others.”

One of the activities Leveston and other attendees took part in was called Breakthrough Blueprint. Participants were asked to identify communities, causes, and movements that they are passionate about and develop a plan to create positive change relating to these passions. Once a solid plan was created, participants visualized this change by creating headlines for future newspapers, as if their plans had already been implemented.

Leveston said this activity was incredibly inspiring and provided her with a motivational push. The institute, she added, gave her a “healthy regard for the impossible.”

“The lessons that I learned there and the experience I had are things that I will value for the rest of my life,” she said. “LeaderShape teaches you that being a leader isn’t merely holding a position or having some sort of special status, it’s about wanting to bring about positive change.” ​

Student Affairs sponsored Leveston and Lirio’s participation in the institute. Previous HNU participants include Tierney Burris, Destany Charles, Joshua Hammer, and Ronisha Parker.

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