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Online Registration for Fall 2014

Welcome! This registration page provides instructions for continuing students. New students should work with their academic advisor to register.

Course Schedules


Registration Instructions

Click each of the items below to expand. You can also watch the online registration tutorial.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor. see more or less
    1. Check out the sections in the online class schedule that pertains to you.
    2. Use one of our tools to plan out your schedule before and during your advising appointment. Click here for a HNU Registration Worksheet.
    3. Check the prerequisites for courses you plan to take.
    4. Note important dates on the academic calendar.
    5. Once you and your advisor have agreed upon your schedule, ask your advisor to authorize you electronically for online registration.
  2. Register online for Fall 2014 courses through Hawk's Edge. see more or less
    1. Access your Hawk’s Edge login page.
    2. Login with your username (firstname_lastname) and password (7-digit student ID number). If you don't have this information, check your myhnu.edu email, or contact the Student Resource Center (see the bottom of this page).
    3. on your Hawk's Edge Student Portal homepage, click on the "Student Resource Center" button in the upper-right hand corner to access your "Virtual Student Resource Center" homepage.
      Virtual SRC Logo
    4. Click here for written Online Registration Instructions or here for the Online Registration Tutorial.
    5. Some classes are available for Paper-Only Registration. These are designated with the comment, Paper-Only, in the online course listings. For these courses, you must submit a Schedule Change: Special Circumstances Form. You must also submit this form for the following kinds of courses:
      • Internships
      • Private music lessons
      • Specialized major classes
      • Repeat classes
      • Any class with a prerequisite that you satisfied at another school
      • If you plan on changing the grading mode of your course (i.e. You wish to change your grading mode from Letter Grade to Credit/No Credit or Audit)
    6. If you plan to take an Independent or Special Study, you must submit an Independent/Special Study Form, complete with the necessary signatures, to the Student Resource Center in person or by fax. You do not need to turn in a separate Schedule Change: Special Circumstance Form to register for these courses.
    7. Remember! Within Hawk's Edge online registration or with paper-only registration, you must always choose a Class Section.
    8. Whew! Did you get all that? Don't worry! You can always ask your advisor for assistance, call the Student Resource Center at 510-436-1133 or drop by the Student Resource Center in Hester Rm. 11. You can also email us at studentresourcecenter@hnu.edu.
  3. Take care of your financial arrangements. see more or less
    1. If you are not in good financial standing with the university, you will not be allowed to register for any additional classes. A Student Accounts hold will be placed for online registration and all paper registration forms received will be returned to you unprocessed.
  4. Helpful tips for online registration. see more or less
    1. When registering for Fall 2014, make sure the term is associated with the class you choose. 3 terms run during the Fall: Fall Session, Fall Term 1, Fall Term 2)
    2. You can choose the Section under the Class column when registering online. If you do not choose a Class Section, you will not be enrolled in the class.
    3. Your Academic Advisor does not register you in classes. It is your responsibility to register for classes online.
    4. Online Registration will not work on the following software:
      • For Macs: Safari Browser, Internet Explorer 9
      • For Macs and PCs: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9

Online Late Registration for Fall 2014

Late Registration dates for Continuing Students are:

  • Fall Session 2014: May 5 - September 10
  • Fall 2014 Accelerated Term 1: May 5 - September 3
  • Fall 2014 Accelerated Term 2: May 5 - October 27

Late Registration deadlines do not apply to New Students

Registration and Schedule Changes during the Fall 2014 Academic Terms

The Registrar's Office and Student Resource Center are committed to providing a registration experience that is easy, accessible and accurate. System issues are requiring us to use paper forms for Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session Drops at 50%, Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session Class Withdrawals, as well as all Fall Term 2/Spring Term 4/Summer Term 6 scheduling requests (Class Adds, Drops and Withdrawals). After the Last Day to Add and Drop at 100% Refund for Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session, you must submit the appropriate Schedule Change Form to process the scheduling changes mentioned above. While we encourage you to discuss registration matters with your advisor, advisor and instructor signature(s) are not required on these forms (unless specified).

Full and Waitlisted Classes

During the registration period and in the weeks leading up to the beginning of each semester, students on waitlists will be moved into classes automatically as space opens. They will receive an email on their HNU student email account.

There are 2 different procedures to deal with full and waitlisted classes for the 2 different weeks of the Add period.

  • Week 1
    Fall: August 27 - September 2

    As a space opens in a class due to a student drop, the next student on the waitlist will be moved in automatically and will receive an email on his/her HNU account. The same process applies if a professor decides to raise the cap on a class.

  • Week 2
    Fall: September 3 - September 10

    Waitlist moves will be done only at the instructor's discretion in week 2. You need to fill out a Schedule Change Form: Special Circumstances, get it signed by the instructor, and submit it to the Student Resource Center by September 10 (for Fall).

    You should attend the class/es you hope to add while you wait to see if space opens up.

    Note: Waitlists for (Fall) Term 1 classes will be done via automatic moves only. (Fall) Term 2 will be processed by paper form.

For Help and Other Information

Contact the Student Resource Center in Hester Room 11, email, phone 510-436-1133, fax 510-436-1199.

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