A brief update on day one and two

Bongiorno a tutti!

“I still can’t believe I am going to Rome…” Rome Prize student John on our way to SFO.

Our flight went well (leaving on the 19th, arrived on the 20th) and Chiara was there to meet us at the airport in 95 degree weather.

As we have been ironing out the logistics, adjusting to the time, navigating local technology our website capabilities have been limited; soon we will be posting our photos and thoughts here.

What a lovely group of students we have! Kind, helpful, inclusive, patient and curious.

Students got settled at the convent (where they are staying) and then took a little walk up to the Gianicolo hill with a 180 view of Rome. We then walked down to Trestevere for dinner near Santa Maria in Trestevere (one of the oldest churches and neighborhoods in Rome)

Students have now visited various bakeries, cafes and gelaterias. Our academic excursion have taken us to the historical center Teatro Marcello, Largo Argentina and back over the river to Trastevere.

After reading a series of primary source documents students explored the well preserved ancient port city of Ostia Antica.
Leading to questions like Isamar’s “Why did freedman (freed slaves) usually work for their former masters?”

Today, the 22nd, students will take the local bus 75 to arrive at the Colosseum, Constantine’s Arch and the Roman Forum where they will be guided by an archeologist in analyzing and documenting their observations of the early “layer of stratification” in Rome.

Lunch will be in villa sciara (a park 5 minutes from the Convent where students are staying) eating food several students bought at the local open air market. As Rome Prizer Bobby said “Try the food? No, there is no trying, you eat it, and it all tastes amazing!”.
Most of Us will return to our rooms to shower and rest before returning to the historical center to explore the Palatine (palace hill).

Needless to say we’ve walked a lot (in our opinion the most important way of knowing Rome)

Be sure to check in here everyday as most postings will now be directly from Rome Prize students!

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  1. Brandon Marzan says:

    Group photo on the Gianicolo hill with a panoramic view of Rome in the background.

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