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I am Maria Del Carmen Delgado Rodriguez, or to most just Carmen. I am from Zacatecas, Mexico and reside in Salinas, California. I come from a big traditional family, that despite not always understanding my choices, support them anyway. I have six sisters and three brothers, many nieces and nephews, and a lot of extended family; all of whom are very thankful for the opportunity I have been given. I study Sports Biology and hope to later obtain a degree in Nursing. Also I am the president of Latinos Unidos, am a member of the cross country team and work as the Campus Services Student Assistant. Traditional study abroad would have never been possible for me if it wasn’t for the Rome Prize, the many generous donors, Dr. Hynes, Chiara and Andrew. I have learned a lot from Professor Chiara Rosequist during our “Arts of Rome” class during this Spring Semester, which will make my study abroad experience that much more interesting and beneficial.

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  1. Carmen Delgado Rodriguez says:

    Compare and contrast the two Annunciations of Fra Angelico. Which one do you like most and why?

    Fra Angelico’s Annunciations are both very impressive and have some similarities. They also have some major differences that set them apart. Both are in the same kind of setting where Mary is sitting and has her arm crossed while she is looking at the angel. In both Mary is wearing a dark blue cloak and has a halo around her head. The angel is wearing the same pink color with gold accents and has very large and beautiful wings. He also has a halo and hair blond hair. The setting is the same, they are in a sort of outdoor living room that has columns and there nature surrounding them. There is also a doorless entrance into the next room.
    There are also many differences in the two paintings. The reason Fran Angelico painting theses two differently is because of the place the painting were meant for. The first was probably meant for a church where people would see it and it was commissioned by one of the wealthy de Medici family members so it had to be very extravagant. While the second the Abbey where Fra Angelico lived. The first major difference is what Mary is sitting in, in one she is sitting on a fancy chair and in the other she is sitting on a simple stool. She is wearing a red dress in the DeMedici one while in the other she is wearing a white dress, she has a vail in the one above and a simple headband in the second one. The angel is also more simple in the one that is in the Abbey versus the one that is currently in a museum. The biggest difference is who in the commissioned one Mary is proportioned to the rest of the painting while in the one that is in the Abbey she is bigger than life. This is because in the monastery they understand that Mary is above humans so she must be drawn larger than life, while in the other Annunciation Mary is drawn with equal proportion to the rest of the painting because of the humanist tradition. Another big difference is that in the first painting there is a clear presences of the Holy Spirit while in the second one there is not. The one that is at the monastery does not have a painted representation of the holy spirit because all the friars in the monastery do not need it to be painted the know the holy spirit is there. Also there is not words in the second one because the friars probably also knew what was said during the annonciation because it is part of Catholic prayer.
    My favorite of the two is the second more simple one that is located in the monastery in San Marco. I like the simplicity and modesty of it because I think that is more faithful to the life that Mary lead. We are always taught that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus led simple lives, and this is what is depicted in the second painting. I also like the fact that Mary is bigger than life in the second one because she is bigger than life, she is the person who gave birth to Jesus, the Savior. She is a huge part of peoples faith and I think she is better interpreted in the second painting.

  2. Carmen Delgado Rodriguez says:

    The Rome Prize has a traveling library and each of the Rome Prize particapants had to pick a book to take with us on the flight. I chose 1493 by Charles C. Mann. A book about the the effect that globlazation had on the different ecosystems of the world. Not only did Cristobal Colon ultimatly change what people around the world looked like and how they spoke but he unintentionaly changed the ecosystems that we now inhabit. Because of globilaztion there is tomatoes in Italy and Potatoes in Irland. People always think about how much European countries changed places like Latin America and Africa, because it in those places the culture was changed not just the ecology. Yet, all of the countries that were envaded made there mark on the ecology of the Europeans countries. The reason I chose this book was because it related biology with history and connects them and makes sense of all the madness that was globalization. As a Mexican the impact that Europe had on our country was evident but through this book I was able to learn that our Mexico changed Europe and more importantly Spain as well.

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