My Journal entry from the 22nd – Rome – June 23rd, 2013

John writesWe woke up, took a few busses, and ended up at the Coloseum. There was a long road leading up to the ancient stadium that had two thousand year old buildings on both sides. It is mind boggling to me that people were walking around in togas and living everyday life. If the ruins are beautiful I can only imagine how epic the scenary was way back when. I bet the Romans never imagined that their art work and architecture would be admired thousands of years after their Empire had fallen. Everything around me is so old but yet very mystical and beautiful. It’s like I can feel all the spirits and see the Romans walking around me. All the history that surrounds me literally gives me the goosebumps with every step I take. I am walking the same path as Julius Cesar…

John Kennedy

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One Response to My Journal entry from the 22nd – Rome – June 23rd, 2013

  1. Bill Hynes says:

    Dear John,

    I have walked the same steps as you! Most recently was in 2001 when I had a sabbatical in Italy with my spouse, Margie, and our two sons, Kieran (now 23) and Devin (now 21). They soaked in the details of the oval of the Coliseum, the rooms below what had been the wood floor, the vomitoria (the opening through which the people poured into the stands), etc. Three months later we were looking down into the oval of Labeau Stadium home of the Green Bay Packers! I asked the boys, “What do you see?” They responded “the Coliseum”! And who are those people down there? “Gladiators!” “What are those openings?” “The vomitoria!”

    Be sure to visit St. Clement which is fairly closeby. There are two basements, one on top of the other. The church sitting on top is as I recall about 11th century, in the first basement are the ruins of a 3rd century church. Beneath this is a Mitra shrine – the Roman God Sol (Sun) – the p0pular religion of the Roman army. Roman Christian had a proclivativity for building their churches on top of existing “pagan” shrines. They also “built” their feast days on existing “pagan” feast days. So the winter solice – when Sol (the sun) starts returning – became the birthday of Jesus!



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