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I grew up in Sacramento, California.
I am a Related Fields Major studying Liberal Studies and Religion. I will be an RA (Resident Assistant) next year. This year I helped out with Campus Ministry, I am Vice President of Social media for our athletic committee, and I play baseball on the HNU team.
Studying abroad is important to me because I want to learn about a different culture and I want to develop my character while connecting with a people of different backgrounds.
And to those who made this possible: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to venture out to Rome, I am sure it will be a learning experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

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  1. Josh Hammer says:

    What I studied in the Arts of Rome course that I look forward to viewing and analyzing in Italy:
    Lesson 24 Discussion Questions
    1) The fabric of St Peter’s Church lasted for 160 years. Do you think that when a project takes a long time to be completed it brings it a better result?
    I think that when a project takes a long time to be completed it does not always bring a better result. I think it depends on the situation and the people that are working on a project. If you have creative people with a dedicated work ethic who work efficiently than perhaps it would be a better result faster than longer. If you know that the result takes time and is a process it could potentially be better. But all in all, I think that when a project takes a long time to be completed that it does not always bring a better result, but it sometimes can simply because as the saying goes slow and steady careful work usually wins the race. I think that there could potentially be problems in a longer process because after numerous years you would have to not only keep fabricating but also preserving everything else that was previously made to keep it well-conditioned so you can continue building and constructing.
    2) What are your thoughts on the Issues brought by Luther in the “95 Theses” regarding the money spent on the construction of the Basilica of St Peter?
    I think the issues brought by Luther in the “95 Theses” regarding the money spent on the construction of the Basilica of St. Peter were accurate, but it is hard to accept because the Basilica looks overwhelmingly beautiful. But I do think he is correct in the sense of that there should be a hundred ringing bells instead of just one big bell so everyone could have access to worship in a Church setting; but then again it seems that if there is one big Church, then more people would likely come together also. I think now that Basilica of St. Peter is such an extraordinary landmark that having the first Pope’s burial under the altar should be a larger deal of celebration and it should be a site that should be beautiful to see. I think that it is beautiful and it should be visited for all believers of Christ; it represents so much within the Church so I cannot say I can say that money spent on the construction is a major issue right now. Granite, I do prefer that there should be a much more financially stability within the whole Christian or Catholic community and the community of other religions. I would prefer the money for a beautiful Church be fund-raised or done through a mutual agreement with most of the believers because then it would be an inclusive project that was permitted to create something extraordinary.

  2. Josh Hammer says:

    The book that I chose for my traveling library was Galileo in Rome The Rise and Fall of a Troublesome Genuis by William R. Shea and Mariano Artiga. This story describes six excursions Galileo made to Rome. He was 23 years old when he went on his first journey to face the Inquisition in 1589. This painting known as View of Rome that I posted here, is a picture that is from the Vatican. This is significant because not only am I looking forward to visiting the Vatican and possibly seeing this wonderful painting; but this painting directly correlates with six trips taken by Galileo by giving us a visual. I chose this book because of the title, I wanted to read about the journey that formed Galileo and I wanted to learn about all of his trials that he went through.

  3. Jenni Hammer says:

    We are so proud of you Josh and are so glad that you get share in this once in lifetime experience! Enjoy every moment and take in as much as you can….we can’t wait to hear about all your experiences when you come back home safely to us!

    With love, Jenni, Dad, Julia and Gus

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