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Life long learner from San Leandro, CA. Nursing student and entrepreneur.
Studying abroad is important because I believe that people learn the most from experiencing new surroundings, cultures, and sounds. I truly believe that having a passport to travel the world is an essential tool to learning. A special thanks to all the donors who have given us these tools and a key to continue to open new doors and learn.

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  1. Andrew Rosequist says:

    The fabric of St. Peter’s Church lasted for 160 years. Do you think that when a project takes a long time to be completed it brings a better result?
    St. Peter’s Church is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Although one of the most beautiful churches, I do not feel that it brings a better result. I honestly do not think this because I feel as though 160 years is too long of a build. I believe this because the original makers and the originally people that designed the church will not be able to enjoy the final product. When this happens, the vision may be different for the next person directing the job and this may cause the project to take even longer. Artists working on certain pieces of the church may also die in this process and the longer the process, the more people may procrastinate on it.
    I feel like the result all depends on the planning. If something is not planned accordingly, then the result may not be as good. I think that they could have had more people working on the church and got the job done quicker. One can plan a church like this in sections. When one part of the church is done, then the artist can go and paint that section of the church. I do not necessarily think that more time would equal a better result.

  2. Josh Siapno says:

    Giordano Bruno by Ingrid D. Rowland is a biography about a man that was misunderstood, a man ahead of this time. He was a man that spoke his mind and defended his opinion. I chose this book because I admire people like Giordano. When I heard his story, he reminded me of Tupac; a man who was also misunderstood and oppressed for speaking his heart and mind.

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