June 26th – “Plan your own day” day

What are we up to today?

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2 Responses to June 26th – “Plan your own day” day

  1. Brandon Marzan says:

    A day in Bracciano.
    Half of the Rome-Prizers (Misty, April, Ammy, Isamar, and Brandon) went to spend a day in Bracciano. The town where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married! The day was filled with relaxation and history. When we got off the train, we immediately needed a bathroom and found relief at a nearby park. Then we went up to the Castle Odescalchi where TomKat got married. The castle was amazing. What was equally amazing was the view of Lake Bracciano from the watch towers of the castle. After the castle, we went to this cute little restaurant to eat lunch. We spent our time there chatting with the waitress/cook, Silvia who was really welcoming, and eating wonderful food. We rounded up the day by walking through the town and then getting to the train station.

  2. Katie McGuire says:

    On our free day, Yesenia and I took a bus down to Trastevere and just tried to blend in. We walked around, got some lunch and went shopping. It was a really relaxing day being able to wander on our own and pretend we lived in Rome. Definitely one of my favorite things to do there!

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