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Hi, my name is Miguel Gomez. I’m from Richmond, CA and I’m a Nursing Major at Holy Names University. This Study Abroad program is important to me is because new experiences changes a person, it adds not just knowledge to a person but a sense of opening one’s self to a whole new culture that in turn adds to one persona. I believe with the Rome Prize Study Abroad program, I will gain something that will make me into a better Nurse in the future and also I will discover something about myself that maybe I never knew about. In all, I’d like to give thanks to the people who made this happen, especially all the Donors, grazie mille! (Thanks a million!)

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  1. Miguel Gomez says:

    What I studied in the Arts of Rome course that I look forward to viewing and analyzing in Italy:

    How is Raffaello’s Marriage of the Virgin Mary similar to that of Perugino’s Christ giving the Keys to St. Peter? Compare and contrast.

    The atmosphere of Raffaello’s painting has the same vibe from Perugino’s painting because they are both in a city like setting with architecture in the back and nature behind the architecture. There are also people in the very front on both paintings and they both contain the important figures right at the center of the painting. Another similarity is the pattern on the ground; the lines on the ground lead the viewer’s eyes towards the church at the center of the painting which shows the importance of the idea of the church during that time.
    Although these paintings are similar, they are also very different. One main difference is the compostion. In Raffaello’s, Mary is getting married while in Perugino’s, Christ is giving the keys to St. Peter. Another major difference is that there are more people in Perugino’s painting giving it more like a city style while in Raffaello’s, it’s more intimate since it’s a wedding type setting. Another thing is that the church at the center in Perugino’s painting is darkened, while in Raffaello’s you can see right through it. This symbolizes that Perugino believes that the church is only for certain people while Raffaello believes it’s open to anyone, at least that’s my interpretation of it. Lastly, in Perugino, he has an additional two buildings on each side of the painting while in Raffaello’s, he has the church right in the center, which I believe he means that the church is the most important building.

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