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My name is Nathan I. Johnson from Oakland, CA. Its okay to call me Nate. I graduated from San Lorenzo High School in 2011, and I have been attending Holy Names University since then, now a junior, class of 2015!! I work as a Library Student Assistant at Holy Names as well. I enjoy learning and grasping new knowledge everyday, as well as playing recreational sports, hanging out with friends and family.

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  1. Nate Johnson says:

    I look forward to seeing various High Renaissance art, particularly the symbolism behind them. This is an example of such:
    Christ at the Column by Bramante a high renaissance painting is very intriguing. I say this for a variety of reasons. First, the pale skin of Christ in this painting is unbelievable, which to me, signals a hidden agenda. The muscle tone is clear and the veins are perfectly placed. It It appears that the sun is setting because of the shadow on the east side of Christ’s body. The rope around his neck is extremely detailed as well. The hair of Christ is different from the other paintings, it’s not nappy or that curly. It appears sort of straight but wet but very very realistic.
    The space perspective in this painting also suggest this was an renaissance painting. The water is relatively close, but the mountain and stream through it seems far away, ultimately displaying layers of distance. It looks like a challis on the edge of the porch. Also, the face of Christ seems emotionless, with that pale skin. It could be conveyed that Bramante is foreshadowing the Christian communion, which is the sharing of Christ flesh and blood. This could add onto this painting relating to the high renaissance.

  2. Nate Johnson says:

    Pre-Travel Reading:
    The book I chose to carry as my pre travel reading is The Prince by Niccoló Machiavelli. He was born on May 3, 1469, in Florence, Italy. Machiavelli grew up and flourished during the Renaissance period. As a dedication to a member of the Medici family, it was written as a guide to gain power and keep control of it. Although the words were placed precisely and straightforward, many question his overall motive. I chose this book because it was written in the Renaissance period; the “rebirth” of the classic culture. His intelligence and awe-inspiring work will forever be relevant.

  3. Twila says:

    Hey U,

    Hope you are enjoying yourself and breathing in every moment and letting it digest.

    Carpe Diem


  4. Karmen Johnson says:

    “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. So very proud of you son. Miss you much.

    Love Mom

  5. Nate Johnson says:

    At the top of St. Peters Basilica’s dome, the breeze up there was well-needed!

  6. Nate Johnson says:

    Me trying some squid on the last night in Rome. Chiara I’m sure was disappointed.. Such intelligent animals.

  7. Nate Johnson says:

    In Piazza Novana, drawing the Egyptian Obelisk on top of the Fountain of 4 Rivers by Bernini. Part of the last lesson on the last day. I learned about the importance of these rivers,especially since they’re depicted as Gods (of the rivers i suppose) the Nile in Africa, the Ganges in Asia, the Danube in Europe and the Rio De La Plata in the Americas. Each river had symbols and animals around the individual Gods to show which continent it was depicting.

  8. Nate Johnson says:

    During our first Rome storm at the Colosseum! A day i will never forget. Stood at the bus stop for at least an hour in a lightening storm (nothing TOO scary). Once we got on the bus, the rain stopped all together and the sun was back out. A Sister moved from me because i was dripping on her luggage. Sorry sista it was no room on the bus.

  9. Nate Johnson says:

    At the restaurant, The Caveman in Trastevere. I ordered Tonnarelli with Seafood. It was so good I came back and ordered it again on our “on your own dinner” times.

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