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  1. Bobby says:

    Yup, Rome. From the top of St. Peter

  2. Bobby Domingo says:

    The Statue of David:
    Sitting right near David himself. Well a statue of him at the very least. But this is him nonetheless. Not some fake statue. This is where those replicas come from. Upon seeing it, i appreciate the art and talent put into it. Every muscle and vein stick out like he was a real man. The detail in everything is just unbelievable. Crazy to believe this was sculpted before machine and modern technique/tools.

  3. Bobby Domingo says:

    4 rivers fountain:

    sound of water rushing
    brown and white dog panting
    henna stand claims it will last 20-25 days
    all the group writing in their journal
    purple and white flowers
    my blue and white bag resting on a mini pillar
    damn cute girls next to me left, one was trying to read what i was writing
    i looked at her and she smiled at me
    okay another one too, like they never seen a guy journal before
    museo di roma sign

  4. Bobby Domingo says:

    St Clement Underground:

    What will another 2000 years bring for Rome? Will this church be built over? What will they say about our buildings? Like Ancient Romans, what can we leave behind to be awed at? Will they say we were technologically advanced?

  5. Bill Hynes says:


    In another 2000 years, Rome could rise another three stories, particularly if they stopped garbage collections. Glad that you discovered that girls like guys who write in their journal.

    Your question about what we will leave behind us is profound! Will it be our buildings, our culture, our technology, etc.

    Another question is will our culture last as long as the Roman Empire? Are we are on upward course or a downward course!

    See you soon!


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